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Who we are

«TaxSee» call center —

is the Russian Federation's largest specialized service for receiving and processing of passenger and cargo transportation orders. We've been working in this market for 10 years and provide ready business solutions for owners of taxi companies.

Контакт-центр «TaxSee»
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Why work with us?

«TaxSee» call center specializes in rendering of services to taxi companies. It enables us to focus on quality of our services and permanently improve them. Our work system eliminates the possibility of corruption and forwarding "tasty" orders by a dispatcher to a familiar driver.

Our operators are regularly trained in accordance with high professional standards. The presence of a powerful IT department, consisting of software engineers and system administrators, ensures a prompt solution for all issues related to the work of the call center.

Every client will be able to get our operator on the phone any time and therefore you will not lose any single order.

Кто мы

Why is it profitable?

Working with us, you will be able to reduce expenses:

  • on compensation of operators and system administrator,
  • on purchase and maintenance of computer hardware for dispatcher center and server side,
  • on purchase of dedicated software and technical support,
  • on dispatching room lease and utility bills,
  • on staff training and motivation,
  • on communication services etc.

Just employ drivers and earn money.

Why is it profitable?
Our guarantees

Our guarantees

The provisions of our cooperation agreement as well as service level agreements (SLA) and nondisclosure agreements (NDA) guarantee protection of confidential information and high quality of rendered services. We are not transport operators and don't give preferences to any customers.

Our guarantees

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