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Additional services

Conducting of phone surveys of drivers and clients

Call center is the most efficient instrument for conduct of social research. Our capacities enable us to conduct a high-quality phone survey in compliance with your purposes.

Call center «TaxSee» has a wide experience of conducting polls. We will help you to get feedback from your clients and drivers on the issues of your interest.

Resources and capabilities of «TaxSee» call center:

  • sampling from your base by specified criteria,
  • assistance in preparation of opinion poll format,
  • professional operators,
  • dedicated software which ensures high quality and rate of conducting polls,
  • provision of a detailed report on a pre-agreed form, including digital recordings of all conversations with respondents.

As a result of the survey you will be able to assess a standing of your company as precisely as possible, determine prospective lines of development and ways of risk minimization, improve your pricing policy and a host of other things.

Drivers' balance refill in payment terminals via «TaxSee» unified provider

Working with us, you save your time. You will not have to enter into several contracts with various operators of payment terminals. We already have contracts with the largest operators on favourable terms.

Low level of commissions for the payment accepted via «TaxSee» will help you to reduce expenses connected with flow of funds.

Vast network of payment terminals throughout Russia will enable your drivers to refill their balance promptly and сonveniently.

Money will be credited to your driver's account automatically, without involvement of accountants. It will ensure a stable cooperation between you and your drivers on an advance-payment basis.

We will provide you with a prompt technical support and comprehensive information about payments via «TaxSee».

Working with «TaxSee» provider, you will not have to worry about your money. The funds will be transferred to an account of your company in full and on time. While your managers will be able to focus on dispatch of current business not related to handling of cash.