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Outsourcing of taxi order service

Every owner of a taxi company once starts to think how to develop the own taxi order service and where to get money for such a development as well as where to find skilled professionals? Won't it be easier and more profitable for business to withdraw from the idea of the own dispatcher office and focus on working with the drivers and engagement of new customers? A lot of people entrust a specialized «TaxSee» call center with the functions of the order service. This is a right choice.

Working together with us, you get an access to the most up-to-date hardware and software complex for management of taxi service. You can control all the orders of your taxi, the orders route, each action of an operator and a driver, listen to their phone conversations. You have your own database of taxi customers and you get an access to statistics of any level of detail. You can alter tariffs, employ drivers, set the shifts and so on.

Our package proposal includes:

  • Dedicated software «TaxSee» for receipt and handling of orders;
  • capability of software flexible customization, which takes into account a name and peculiarities of your taxi company;
  • provision of uninterrupted operation of software and hardware packages;
  • providing you with a total control over quality and number of rendered services as well as wide range of individual reports;
  • high quality of connection (your customers will think that the operator receiving an order is located in the same city);
  • a complete list of standard and alternative ways of order (direct dial number, boomerang number, interactive voice response, SMS order, website order, mobile app.);
  • skilled operators in «24/7» mode;
  • free technical and administrative support.

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