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Operators' workplaces lease

Lease of operators' remote workplaces

We offer to lease our remote workplaces to the taxi companies and taxi order services which want to entrust processing of orders to their own operators. It enables you to use a complete functionality of «TaxSee» specialized call center directly in your office. In this case, as well as in case with outsourcing, you don't need to spend money on purchase of expensive equipment and setting of software. For this purpose you need only to have computers connected to Internet.

Based on our technologies, we together with you will organize a round-the-clock receiving of orders not only by phone, but also in alternative ways. You will be able to monitor the efficiency of your operators in a professional manner: every phone call and its' results are recorded, you will have an access to online statistics, where you can see the number of received calls, duration of conversations, also you can listen to every call and make conclusions.

All performance capabilities of a specialized «TaxSee» call center will be accessible for you:

  • round-the-clock receiving phone calls;
  • work in dedicated software for taxi order services;
  • complete control over employee performance;
  • outgoing calls at reduced tariffs;
  • bulk SMS;
  • individually programmable IVR;
  • receiving orders via website and apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone;
  • free technical and administrative support.

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